The Gary & Gail Grelish Foundation Scholarship

The Gary & Gail Grelish Foundation Scholarship, valued at $2000, has been created to recognize an outstanding grade 12 student from the Surrey School District #36 who has demonstrated exceptional perseverance with a learning difficulty. These challenges may encompass learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, visual processing disorder, nonverbal learning disability, executive functioning disorder, specific learning disability, language processing disorder, working memory disorder, sensory disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. We seek to recognize a student who possesses unwavering determination to excel academically, actively participates in school activities, engages in community service, and potentially possesses relevant work experience.

This scholarship opportunity emphasizes the significance of dedication, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. Moreover, it recognizes the hurdles that young individuals encounter as they strive to balance their personal development with ongoing education and “G.R.I.T.”.

  • Growth: Evidence of personal, academic, or extracurricular growth over time.
  • Responsibility: Displaying accountability and reliability in academic and personal endeavors.
  • Initiative: Taking proactive steps to pursue goals and make positive contributions.
  • Tenacity: Showing persistence and commitment in the face of obstacles


  • May be a student with an Official Ministry Designation(s) from the Surrey School District #36 graduating in June. If not designed, then must provide conformation that the student is receiving support (see page 6 – Confirmation Page)
  • Must submit an official Gary & Gail Grelish Foundation Scholarship 2024 application form along with all required attachments.
  • Engaged in various community service organizations and/or possesses relevant employment.
  • Planning to attend any accredited post-secondary/trades school within twenty-four (24) months of graduation (funds to be released only upon verification of enrollment)
  • Email or drop off your typed application form to CRYIF – Gary & Gail Grelish Foundation Scholarship Committee
  • Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident/landed immigrant. Anyone whose status is different from those classifications is asked to contact CRYIF at, prior to applying.



  • Completed Gary & Gail Grelish Foundation online typed application form at
  • Photo of the applicant for ID purposes.
  • Confirmation Page indicating that the candidate is being provided with additional assistance. Candidate may include (this is not a requirement) a copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP or SLP).
  • Official Diploma Verification Transcripts must be included.
    • The transcript you provide should show final marks from first semester, interim marks from second semester, and total credits you will have upon graduation. (See Counsellor or Career Centre)
    • One letter must be from your Learning Support Teacher or Case Manager in your school commenting on your “G.R.I.T.” and the nature of your Learning Disability, challenges and adaptation used.
    • One letter must be from an adult (can not be a family member) who supervised you in an officially recognized community organization to show evidence of leadership and citizenship (social responsibility)
  • Both reference letters must:
    • be one page maximum
    • have a physical or digital signature (typed/scripted signatures are not accepted)
    • be on official letterhead of the organization or school (if letterhead is not available the letter must include all the letter writer’s contact information and relationship to you)

Monday, May 27, 2024

Click here to download application form.